A new Chrome extension, GitHub Report Card

a simple productivity tool

SummaSmiff, in 10 January 2016

At work, we use GitHub issues for kanban style development. It's very convenient to track bugs and feature progress from the same place we get our code, but tracking progress long term is a little harder. Some pretty advanced project management tools already exist that can tie in with GitHub issues, such as Waffle.io.

For our small team, these kinds of tools are overkill. So I created a small Chrome extension that solves our most basic problem with GitHub issues, which is keeping track of weekly progress. My extension, the GitHub Report Card, creates a bookmark for issues closed for a one week, two week, or month long period so our project manager can keep track of our overall productivity.

With the GitHub UI, anyone can track closed issues for a given time period with a very specific search query: "is:issue closed:2016-01-10..2016-01-17", for example. It became annoying to have to remember the dates for all this, so I used JavaScript's date tools to create the correct query for me and bookmark it.

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